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Massage Therapy

Neuromuscular Massage

Moving Life Massage
 is a full body massage with a neutral oil.  I use my hands and forearms to apply pressure and I combine a variety of massage techniques.  The pressure applied is dependent on the preference of the client; it can be gentle or deep or a combination.

I often use rocking techniques which are especially effective for releasing tension in the lower back  and around the hip and shoulder joints.

The purpose of my massage is to be enjoyable and nurture the body, so while I might apply deep pressure, the pressure should never hurt.

The massage creates a deep state of relaxation and well-being and eases tension by improving blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply to the soft tissues and creating more fluidity in the fascia.  You should feel so relaxed that you could sleep.

What issues can massage help with?

Massage can help release chronic muscle tension.  If you have held this tension in your body for years then it may take a few sessions to really feel the benefit.

Massage can help with stress related problems such as poor sleeping patterns and poor digestion. It can help you breathe more easily. It brings about a sense of well being and connection with the body and when you leave a session you should be moving with greater ease.

What to Expect After Massage Therapy

If you have experienced tension in areas of your body for a long time, for example, in the neck and shoulders, the massage should reduce that tension considerably.  However it is common  to feel tense again and maybe sore, the day after. Some people experience a burning sensation.   After a few massages, as your body gets used to it’s new relaxed state,  this shouldn’t be an issue.

How long are the sessions?

You can choose between 60 or 90 minutes.   When I have a massage, I find the longer session allows me to really sink into a deep state of relaxation.